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You asked we listened!

Several times in the last few months we have been asked by recent customers what the piece of furniture looked like before they bought it.  And more often than not, we have no pictures, or any way of letting them know about the beautiful transformation of their new piece took, besides what we tell them. We don't often think of taking before pictures most of the time, because we are so eager to transform the chair, table etc, that we just dive right and start taking it apart.

Now seeing the importance of the before shots (thank you happy customers), periodically we will be posting some before and after transformations for your viewing pleasure.  This way you, as our customers, can see exactly what we have done to the piece and how much work really does go into painting and upholstering. Believe me we have the bruises and mutilated fingernails to prove it!

These poor chairs where neglected due to a bad break-up, lucky we rescued them!

Now that's better!  New retro chic fabric, and refinished teak frame.

Just gorgeous lines and curves, but pink fabric!  Ouch!

The wood was in perfect condition, but the fabric had to go.

Now that's better!

Nice redesign, with attaching the cushion, with a chic chevron patterned fabric.

I don't' know about you, but nothing dates a chair like a skirt, and this was was seriously dated!
This was the original dated floral covering.  It also came with a hideous 1980's peach slipcover.
Talk about a makeover!  Hard to image this gal is the same chair.

Painted legs, nail-head trim, and new updated fabric went a long way to transform this lovely vintage chair. 

The 1960's called (and not the hip stuff) and want their ugly back!

This glider has such great bones, but it was really hard to see with that hideous fabric and skirt, and ultra dated wood stain.

Now that's better!

By far one of my favorite makeovers!  What a difference a fresh coat of paint and modern fabric can make!  And this one is still available for you to purchase!

The lines and beauty of the wood captured me right away on this chair, but boy oh boy was it dated!
Tons of stains and worn out fabric needed to go, plus to wood color needed an update.

Now that's better!  New fresh Chevron inspired modern fabric really goes a long way to update this baby!

Oh and just look at that angle!  A fresh coat of grey paint on the caned sides, plus I refinished the walnut wood to reveal it's inner beauty.  This chair is still available!
Before.  With classic midcentury lines and bones this chair was just screaming for an update!  But with a mismatching cushion and outdated upholstery it was hard to see what this chair could become.
The gorgeous after!  New current upholstery sure goes a loooong way to update this gal!  Bye-Bye cushion and hello sleekness.  Now she is ready for the showroom.

This is a chair a customer brought in to be reupholstered and repaired

The fabric was shredding, old, and outdated.  Plus the color made the chair look cheap and cartoon like.

The customer only paid $10 for the throne chair, but knew it needed an update, and it sure did!

And here is the finished product!  Looks like a brand new, and completely different chair!

The chair seat was gutted, and in it's place new high density foam, new trim, new copper nail-head trim, and new beautiful neutral colored updated fabric!  Along with some repair work done on the front design.

For only $290, it is a complete transformation and can now be a showcase throne chair in his new house!

Sad, sad chair, just waiting and wanted a makeover

Gross outdated fabric and 1980's looking wood finish.

Hello gorgeous!  What a difference paint and new fabric make!

Now she is ready for the 21st century!

This chair has seen better days, but her bones where still very good.  

Yucky stains everywhere and very tired foam inside!

Now this beauty is soaring once again with a new happy customer!

New upholstery, new foam and a restored wood frame.
Navy blue might be a great neutral color, but can we say ugly, ugly on this piece.

Just look at this ugly duckling just waiting to be stripped down to show her real beauty.

Wow!  What a difference a little sand paper and elbow grease can do! Who would have known what a stunning piece this Art Deco nightstand could be!

Just love that color! Solid maple with a lovely blonde amber finish and sexy curvy wood grain. And we have two for sale still at $100 each!

Thonet, Thonet, you once shone with beauty but are now beat up and dirty.

Stains, scratched finish, old and dated upholstery was really taking away from the sexy curves of this vintage chair.

She is sexy and modern once again!  New finish, and upholstery really went a long way to help this chair be the star of the room again.
Never kick a girl while she is down,  you never know just how gorgeous she could turn out in the end! And this chair is still for sale, click here to view the ad!
Sad, Sad chair.  Dated wood with hideously ugly and stained seat.

And now returned to beauty   New modern grey paint with fresh and current new fabric.
So sad but true, dated fabric, and a worn out foam seat, plus dated wood.

Oh, you have seen better days my lovely Drexel chair.

A fresh coat of Sherman-William Emerald paint and chic new fabric go a long way to update this beauty!
And how about Asian inspired new fabric to highlight the lovely lines of this update Drexel. Click here to view the ad as these are still for sale.  

Ouch!  This old Hollywood glam inspired piece had seen better days, all her glamour was gone and in need of a serious face-lift.

Gross, ugly, and aging very badly.  Pet hair and nasty stains everywhere!

Oh so pretty, so pretty, so I am again!

Surgery was not required but tons and tons of folding, and tucking and stapling was! A fully recovered and gorgeous chair she is again!

Thank you!  And be sure to shop local for all your holiday and year round decor and style needs.

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