Customize it!

We are now offering a dining chair customizing service. Our prices are so affordable your chairs will once again have new life, while your budget stays in tact.  Don't throw out those tired chairs, give us a call instead!

Refurbished Dining Set
5-8 Chairs:  $220  plus additional fabric & paint fee ($150 recover only)
3-4 Chairs:  $95  plus additional fabric & paint fee ($80 recover only)
1-2 Chairs: $55  plus additional fabric & paint fee ($40 recover only)

This service includes:  Removing old fabric, sanding, priming, two coats of paint, triple poly coat, new dust cloth application, professionally installed upholstery-grade fabric,and Scotch Guard.

Additional Charges:
1) Fabric Per Yard (Click here for a great place to shop for affordable high quality fabric)
2)  Paint Cost $20 Flat Fee per chair
3) Materials flat fee: $25 per job

Add-ons, Options, & Extras
1) Piping: $5 Charge Per Chair.
2) New foam and/or padding: $30-50
3) Chair Repair: send a picture & we'll figure it out.
4) Holding fee:  Once the furniture is finished, we will hold for 7 days, after the 7th day, the client will be charged $25 per additional day.

So call today and make an appointment to redo your dining room chairs and breathe new life into your dining room decor.  Be sure to check out our before and after page for more of our custom work projects.

We do take other custom jobs such as painting and refinishing tables and dressers as well as other custom upholstery jobs.  See the charts below for estimates.  Please contact Renee for upholstery and Samantha for painting project quotes.

Living Room Chair – (without Skirt)LaborYards
Plain Back*$275to$450& up5-6 yds& up
with Attached Pillow Backs*$350to$500& up5 1/2-6 ½ yds& up
With Loose Back Cushions*$350to$450& up6-7 yds& up
Wing Chair *$300to$450& up5-6 yds& up
Standard Plain$300to$400& up5-6 yds& up
with attached pillow back$350to$500& up6-7 yds& up
*For our standard tailored skirt add$50to$75& up1-1 ½ yds& up
Platform rocker – plain back with open arm$250to$300& up4-4 ½ yds
French Provincial (with finished woodwork)
With Plain Back$250to$425& up5-5 ½ yds& up
For tufting in back add per button$5to$10& up¼-½ yd for all& up
For channelback add per channelδ$6to$12& up¼-½ yd for all& up

Labor prices below do not include new foam, new fill, supplies, or fabrics. Those items are priced Separately.
Standard square couch cushion$35to$60& up1-2 yds& up
Rocker cushion sets (seat & back)$90to$130& up1 ½-2 ½ yds& up
Chair pads (without ties)$25to$55& up¾ yds& up
per tie, add$5to$10& up  
using customer-supplied Velcro or ribbon as ties$0& up  
Window seats - width plus length, per inch$1.20 to $1.50 & up  

Please call for quote with dimensions, description and quantity.

Throw Pillow Covers 
(Does Not include Filler)
Covers Only (small to medium size)
Cordless knife edge*$15to$30& up½ – 1 yd& up
Corded knife edge*$20to$40& up½ – 1 yd& up
* Machine Sewn shutto
For zippers, add per each$5to$15& up
Filler cost
Standard filler, add$8to$30& up
Other fillers available at additional cost
Extra Cost Items & ServicesLaborYards
Standard Arm Covers - unlined, per pair$20to$35& up½ – 1 yd& up
Seat Spring Tying* (padding extra)
Small chairs*, no cushion$50to$70& up
Living room chairs*, with cushion$85to$130& up
Loveseats*$120to$150& up
Sofas*$150to$250& up
Antiques on a per item basis
*Supplies or paddings additional cost, prices do not include antiques
Making Patterns: Whenever we need to make a new pattern
Channels$25to$100& up
Attached Pillow backs$50to$125& up
Any other typeVariestoVaries& up
Frame Repairs, on a per item basis
Frame Alterations, on a per item basis
Local on-site consultation (first 30 min)$33to$50& up
Additional time, per hour$33to$50& up

*All prices subject to change without notice. All labor Prices are based upon using our plain or allover pattern fabrics. All labor prices are based upon the furniture frame being solid, the springs and the padding being in good shape, and include doing the work with our standard materials and methods. Prices do not include supplies for doing the job, or new foam.
Extra charges apply for:
  • Matching patterns
  • Working with white or very plain and smooth or shiny fabrics
  • Putting a liner over the padding before putting the cover on the furniture
  • Retieing or repairing springs
  • Extra loose or attached pillows or cushions.
  • Frame repairs or alterations
  • Major repairs to the padding
  • New foam or other cushion fill for the cushion or other padded areas
  • Pick up and delivering
  • Anything not normally supplied or done in our normal services and methods.
  • Anything that takes us extra time, labor, or costs to do.
  • Anything not specifically charged for or included on the work order.
Thank you and have a great day!


  1. Hello, I would like to use this service. I see there is mention of a link to a "great place to shop for affordable high quality fabric", but the link is not there. Can you please provide the URL?

  2. Sorry about that! The link is now fixed. Thank you and let me know what I can do for you. Have a great day.