Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Open House Price List

Upscale & Upcycled

Fall Open House Sale Price List

Vintage Framed Wall Art $10 ea. (3)
Vintage Silver and Porcelain Espresso cups by Prata Wolf 90 set of 6 $50
Vintage Japanese tea cup $5
Vintage Blue Mountain Pottery Ash Trays $20 ea. (2)
Hand Woven Monogrammed ribbon art $35 (ask how to get one custom made)
Small Green Refinished Dining Set $175
Vintage Faux Bamboo side table $100
Funky Painted Blue Chair $40
Reclaimed wood indoor/outdoor coffee table $125
MidCentury Modern Recovered Chair $100
Painted Brass Lamp $30
Refinished Pine Cargo coffee table $125 SOLD
Refinished and slightly distressed Drexel arm chair $140 and $100
Vintage refinished Drexel coffee table $200
Victorian inspired tea cup wall art and plates $10 ea. (8)
Vintage Mahogany custom refinished tall Dresser $400 (not finished yet but you can preorder it)
MidCentury Refinished and recovered chair $300
Twin size Padded Cars Headboard $100
Handmade Pillows $5-$25
Cars Wall Art $75
Cars table $20
Lego Table (most popular repined item on our Pinterest page) $95
Chic Grey Painted Gourd Lamp $35
MidCentury Plasto MFG Co. teak lamp $50
F.A.I.P MidCentury Lamp $95
MidCentury Plasto MFG Co. lamp $80
Shabby Chic floral lamp $25
Painted Vintage Brass Floor lamp $35
Reupholstered Chevron Vintage arm chair $425
Refinished and Reupholstered Walnut arm chair $175
Custom Painted and reupholstered retro arm chair $200
Shabby Chic Metal Stars $25
Painted Iron candle holders $15 (2)
Vintage Clothing $ vary
Unfinished wingback chair (ask for a quote to reupholster it and make it yours)

And don’t forget to ask about all our custom refinishing services, you can get a quality price of custom furniture for less than the price of new.

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Renee and Samantha

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